Kiss the Son

May 24, 2015

Our culture values independence. We want our children to grow up standing on their own two feet. We encourage independent thinking. We want people to work independently, by being self motivated at work.  
So is independence always a good thing? Surely independence has limitations? If we were independent of law then there would be anarchy. Young children need instructions to stay safe . Educational institutions with complete independence could not have standards for what is an A, a B or a C. 
In fact one form of independence really is to be avoided. An independence that does harm not good. In our effort to encourage independence, now many think there is no such thing as legitimate authority. And so we ignore authority in the family, in society, in the church, and in the workplace. And we all just simply do our own thing. Kirk Zylstra uses Psalm 2 to consider this important social and spiritual question.
Kiss the Son Psalm 2 Kirk Zylstra 3/5/15 
1.The independence of the world, vv1-3 Acts 4:24-28 
2.The response of the Lord, vv4-6 
3.The authority of the Christ, vv7-9 2 Sam 7:14, Acts 13:33, Matt 28:18, Acts 17:31 
4.The rejoicing of the wise, vv10-12

Tags:MH17, Crash, death, fate, life, eternal,

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