Living in a World of Spin

September 18, 2015

How do you cope when the spin doctors are winning?

Truth has been receiving a beating in our society for many years now.

The effect of that is more serious than just getting a dodgy product.

When you are deceived, that can hurt.

When you are misrepresented, that can hurt.

What can God's people do when the spin doctors win?



Living in a world of spin       Ps 12, Eph 4:17-32                     9.8.15

1.     The spin of the world, vv1-3

A double heart

Flattery       Prov 26:28, Prov 28:23, Prov 29:5


2.      The heart of the problem, v4 Matt 12:36, 1 Pet 2:22

3.      The oppression of the voice, v5

4.       The words of the Lord, v6

5.        The paradox of life, vv7-8


Tags:MH17, Crash, death, fate, life, eternal,

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