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If you're not 'Presbyterian', 'Reformed', from a Christian background, or even know what these terms mean that doesn't matter. You're very welcome.


Why Presbyterian?

Presbyterian means that we are governed by a team of elected "elders", rather than a single figure of authority. 


Why Reformed?

As a "Reformed" church, we celebrate most of all, the truth known as "justification by faith alone". This means that we are made right with God by trusting only in what Christ has done, not what we have done. Our sin is counted to Jesus in His death and His perfect goodness is counted to us.


The word "Reformed" comes from the "Reformation" of the church in the 16th century. At this time God's people rediscovered the truth of God's Word, that salvation is:


  • by Christ alone

  • by grace alone

  • through faith alone

  • as recorded in the Bible alone

  • to the glory of God alone


By "Reformed" we do not mean that we have arrived! As individuals and as a church, we are always reforming!

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